For many of us, personalised tea towels have been limited to the well-loved primary school design, featuring a collection of carefully drawn children’s faces, like the one below by hand-print. As you can see from our dog tea towel on the below, ours are a far cry from those childhood treasures (and much less likely to result in groans from your now-grown children when you whip them out at a dinner party)


Our selection of tea towels are printed a little differently to the tea towels of yore – with a dye sublimation technique that’s robust and great for replicating vibrant colours and fine details. Made of 100% cotton, each tea towel is beautifully soft and smooth, great for making your personalised print pop out whilst of course being great for drying dishes too.

If you wanted a little sneak peek behind our design process, look no further – here above is the first design we dreamt up, a sentimentally personal one that involves taking a scan of your secret family recipe, cleaning it up and printing it to make a permanent record of it. We’ve worked on our technique for cleaning up images which allows us to capture the details of even those old, faded recipes from great-grandma. Got a pie recipe that’s been passed down for generations? Here’s a new way of replicating it to make a lovely memento, great for gifting for the next batch of budding pie makers.

cocktail recipe tea towel

Next up we decided, a tea towel is great for drying, but why not add a second function? This selection of reference tea towels are perfect for new homeowners, providing them with those little bits of handy information as well as a practical tea towel. Whether you provide them with all the information they need to get making cocktails (we offer rum, whisky and gin based styles), or think pasta sauces are more their style, they’re great gifts for new graduates as they head off to uni!

Another option for gifting to new homeowners (or simply for remembering the place you and your loved one met) is a map, that highlights that chosen location. Let us know if you’d like us to transform any of our other map styles into a tea towel version and we can see what we can do for you!

And naturally, we had to combine our excitement over our recently created watercolour technique with these fun new tea towels. With each style of personalised photograph watercolour available in tea towel form as well as a wall print, they’re perfect if you don’t have the wall space but want that personal bit of art in the house. The birth flower family bouquet is also a great option as a gift for mum, perfect for those kitsch kitchens or beside a cottage butler sink!

If you know us here at Studio Hop you know we don’t like to stop at just designing the gift itself. We’re all about the full experience, so although every tea towel is personalised and printed just for you, we also offer personalised printed paper sleeves.

These are the perfect place to add a longer message to your recipient, and even then we’re not done – add a gift box themed to your special occasion, packed with love and arriving to yours ready to gift.

Want to know more about how we do things here at Studio Hop? Keep an eye here on the blog, as we’ll be releasing some sneak peeks and videos soon!

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