One Sunday each year in June people across America, the UK and 88 other countries around the world will celebrate dads and their role in the family, giving them a day to put their feet up and enjoy time with their kids. So if you’d like to hear a little more about the day, and how we can make it even better, keep on reading…

Much like its complementary mother-appreciating day, Father’s Day has a long history, spanning all the way back to the Middle Ages. Originally, St Joseph’s Day (after the legal father of Jesus) was celebrated in many European countries on the 19th of March, with feasting and merriment. As settlers arrived from Spain and Portugal arrived in America, they brought these traditions with them, but its popularity faded over time.

Then, in the early 1900s, inspired by the Mother’s Day movements that Anna Jarvis had initiated, Americans across the country started their own services to honour their fathers by. Over time it developed, eventually coming back across to Europe, and now Father’s Day is celebrated once more, although now on the 3rd Sunday in June.

Now, if your dad is anything like ours, your dad is a pain to buy gifts for; either passing off the classic ‘oh I don’t want anything’ (it’s a trap, he’ll be disappointed if he gets nothing) or simply having hobbies you just can’t afford to treat him to. So what do you do??

Well, this year we’ve curated a selection of our favourite gifts, at a variety of prices and styles, to make the impossible just a little bit more possible. Accompany an experience style gift with a physical present to remember it by and you’re sure to have a winning combination! Here’s a few ideas to help get you started!

Take darts for example. How about seeing if you can bag a pair of tickets to the finals of one of the biggest darts competitions, and treat him to a pair of cufflinks to remember it by? Not only does your dad end up with a pair of cufflinks that he wear can with everyday outfits, you also get to share a great fun day out together.

Or if he’s into jazz, take him for a night out at the local live jazz club with the drinks on you, and throw in a pair of personalised jazz socks to match! We’ll personalise on the label of this sock box so that you can have a gift to give on Father’s Day itself, along with the promise of a musical night in the future!

What about the younger kids, who aren’t yet old enough to head to a jazz club and buy an Old Fashioned, or for the dad you know will want to repeat the experience again and again? For them, we present to you our pizza making kit. Father’s Day is a great time to have fun together, and a family pizza party sounds like a perfect way to celebrate!

Depending on your dad, maybe experiences aren’t the right thing for him. Maybe that aforementioned Old Fashioned is something he’s a fan of making at home, or he enjoys a simple whisky. Then a tumbler and metal ice cube set is a lovely way of giving him a slightly more personal gift that he can use year round, great for keeping drinks cool without diluting them!

But the cornerstone of the Studio Hop Father’s Day collection is our selection of photo gifts. To make a wonderfully long lasting gift, we print your very own photo onto metal, whether it’s a keyring, a bookmark or a print with frame to present on the sideboard. No matter the dad, and no matter his hobbies, family photos are always a well loved sentiment, and perfect for gifting this Father’s Day.

If you’re still not sure, just take a look at the whole collection – and for the indecisive amongst us we offer Tracked 24 shipping and same day dispatch on orders made before 12pm. So even if you wait until the very last minute to make up your mind, Studio Hop can still get you a last minute gift for Father’s Day, right to your door.

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