Product Personalisation

We love to personalise our range of accessories and this goes down particularly well with items bought as gifts and presents for your loved ones.

When designing pieces we’re constantly asking the question - how would this look good personalised? We think that choosing an item with personalisation can make a present extra special by really adding that crucial ‘wow’ factor!

Adding a name or initials to an item can be a nice touch. A lot of people like to add a short gift message, a special date or even an ‘in-joke’ that will raise a chuckle with the recipient. Occasionally, people will go even further with the personalisation they choose - recently we’ve even had a couple of marriage proposals!

There really is no end to the creativity of our customers and we’re constantly amazed by the quirky and cute personalisations that people opt for when choosing something special for their friends or family.

There are a number of personalisation techniques we use here at Studio Hop and for the technically minded amongst you let’s find out a little about our processes.

dye sublimation example personalisation of scarves DYE-SUBLIMATION PERSONALISING

Our trustiest method would have to be dye-sublimation. It doesn’t sound that grand but the finished article looks fantastic! Dye-sublimation involves hot-pressing a special ink into the fabric of the item itself. In effect, this means that your chosen personalisation then becomes an actual part of the design that you’re buying. Because the dyes are infused into the substrate (the scarf!) at a molecular level washing the item won’t affect this and neither will your personalisation crack, peel or fade over time. It’s way better than all those T-shirts with faded slogans we all possess, and great for creating personalised gifts!

foil personalisation of giftsFOIL FINISH PERSONALISATION

Another favourite is our foil finish, whether silver, gold or even glitter. These really give a premier looking finish and add a bit of glitz and glamour to our designs. This method is slightly more complicated. We use a special program to enter the font and personalisation that you choose. We then use a counter cutter to cut out the message you’ve chosen (a counter-cutter is basically a computer operated pair of scissors!). Once this is ready, we’ll again us our trusty heat-press to transfer the personalisation onto the scarf, wallet, belt, even gloves!


custom embroidery of productsCUSTOM EMBROIDERY

With our beautiful cashmere scarves comes a luxury personalisation option, and for this we have our embroidery machine. Offering a plethora of thread colours (not to mention the ever popular silver and gold options) and fonts chosen to match each scarf, this machine converts your personalised message from words on a computer screen into a beautifully textured embroidered personalisation finish. Since introducing our embroidery machine we've had it working hard daily, and are always looking into new ways we can use this amazing machine to personalise.


photograph sublimation personalisation examples PHOTOGRAPHIC SUBLIMATION

Looking to add the most personal finish of all to a present? This is where our photo gifts come in, using our popular sublimation technique with a variety of different key-rings, wall prints and accessories to make beautiful gifts. Combining long lasting metal and your photos into one piece, this personalised present selection provides wonderful mementos for any lucky recipient, no matter whether you choose to pair your photographs with a leather keyring, make them into a bookmark, or go all out with a wall print.


hand felting of scarf for custom order HAND FELTING

Recently we've been thinking big - how can we personalise thick winter scarves, those too thick to embroider? We struck gold with a textured hand felted finish. This technique involves using a specially designed barbed felting needle and chunky yarn to fuse your letters into the scarf, completely by hand. With a variety of scarves we make sure to choose each yarn colour to suit, whether using a cream thread to stand out on a chunky neutral scarf, or a navy thread from the reverse on our brushed check blanked scarf. You can find out more on our blog, as well as learn about our special hand stitching technique.


on site laser engraved gifts LASER ENGRAVING

From chunky oversized scarves, we now come to our smallest items - jewellery - and with them our latest technique. Laser engraving gives us the ability to engrave any metal with high precision, opening up your personalisation options to key-rings, necklaces, bracelets, even ice cubes and homeware! From single initials on the Lucky Clover Bracelet to a longer message on the Secret Message Swallow Necklace, this technique adds a touch of personalised class to the most delicate of gifts.

We're working on lots more exciting methods for personalising gifts, so watch this space for updates on our latest and greatest ideas.