Tulip Bouquet Enamelled Bookmark With Initial



A tulip, representing perfect love, makes a beautiful metal bookmark that you can finish off with an engraved butterfly charm at the bottom.

Pink tulips symbolize happiness and confidence.Tulips are also the flower for eleven-year wedding anniversaries, as symbols of devotion and love.

Featuring pink and fuschia pink flowers, with a yellow ribbon wrapped around the bouquet, this bookmark is a great piece for gifting to a loved one, particularly your partner.

With a golden base material, these bookmarks are lightweight and slim, able to slide right into the book, with the long chain meaning just the small butterfly charm hangs out the bottom.

The back of the butterfly charm can also be engraved with your own choice of name or letters, lovely for adding that little personal touch.

Designed to be the perfect gift for your girlfriend, particularly when paired with a novel, this bookmark can be sent in a gift box along with a gift card, if you'd like!

Made from:

Brass gold plated


Bookmark - 8.5cm x 4cm

Chain - 7.5cm