Shimmering Constellations Embroidered Scarf



A soft scarf with shimmering details, available personalised with a delicately stitched zodiac star sign and name to make the perfect birthday gift for her.

Designed to be suitable for wearing year round, this scarf is lightweight and draping enough to provide a summer evening cover-up, but warm and cosy for adding an extra layer in the cooler winter days.

If you'd like you can have this scarf embroidered with your choice of star sign, and add on a name underneath to finish it off. Stitched in a shining thread, this is perfect for adding a subtle extra touch to your scarf (and makes it great for gifting for birthdays)

If you're gifting to a friend or loved one, why not add one of our gift boxes so we can ship this direct to your lucky recipient, themed to suit the special occasion.

Made From:

Viscose Rayon, metallic polyaceter


90cm x 180cm