Rose Pearl Scarf Pin Brooch



Introducing two new styles of brooch, perfect for using as a delicate scarf pin to make your look that little bit more elegant.

With your choice of either a delicately curved textured rose gold adorned with mock pearls on each end, or the more simple circle and pearl design, these brooches are both perfect to secure a scarf and add that elegant style to your look!

The curved and branch designs feature a classic brooch back with a simple hinged bar, so you can gently ease the pointed end through your fabric for a secure look.

However the circle design features a two part style for a secure and stylish look - firstly you can thread your fine scarf through the ring itself, in a buckle style. Then simply remove the pearl for a simple yet secure spike to pierce through the fabric itself.

With a minimal metal design these work with scarves of all sorts of styles - they even complement printed scarves without detracting from the look.

Add to that the delicate mock pearls to finish the look and you have a beautiful scarf pin ready for any season.