Pocket Book Flip Message Necklace



Carry quotes from classic literature, modern fiction or even poetry with an engraved delicate book necklace, so you can carry those words with you always.

This beautiful book necklace is made up of three golden pages, all bound between silver covers. With a delicate cutout heart and a sweet clasp to help keep it closed, this necklace provides a great canvas for sharing your favourite quotes, messages or lyrics (or even a romantic book of all of your favourite memories)

With a total of eight surfaces to engrave your personalisation on, start with the covers. Inside the front cover you can add a little 'Dear -' type message, whilst the back can finish it off with who it's from. 

Then, on each side of the next three internal pages you can add quotes and messages - from sci-fi to murder mystery, fantasy epics to motivational passages and biographical quotes, each page can have any message you'd like. You can add the author's name on the reverse, or simply another quote if you'd prefer.

All held together on a simple delicate chain, this book is sure to be treasured whether it's worn everyday or kept as a sentimental gift for special occasions.

So if you want to make sure it's that little bit more extra special when you're ready to gift, pop it into one of our gift boxes, great for sending direct too.

Made From:

Gold plated stainless steel

Polished stainless steel


2.5cm x 1.3cm