'My First Year' Memories Wall Photo Plate



Every moment through your baby's first year is another little milestone, building up to the little human they are today.

Keep that first precious year of memories safe with our stunning first year photo plate, the perfect place to collate your favourite photos with style. From the moment they take their first breath, through learning to laugh, sit up and feed themselves, you can save them all on our sturdy yet flexible aluminium sheet.

Whether you want to add a photo for each month of their life, or simply a collection of the Best of Baby, you can title your photo plate at the bottom right as you wish - from 'Amelia's First Year' to 'Brody James, born 20.3.2018' or even simply 'From Amy for Nana Julie' 

Printed with a dye sublimation technique, the gentle brushed silver look of the metal plate adds a look of elegance to even the most simple photos, with paler colours showing through with a beautiful subtle effect. With crisp detail and softened colours, this technique adds timeless style to make even your everyday photographs look stunning.

Highlight your favourite toy, date, memory or whatever else you fancy with a caption on the middle picture (picture 5) - the choice is yours, simply add your message to the options on the right and make sure to number your photos so we know exactly which we're adding to!

The perfect gift for the grandparents, this photo plate will mean they can look upon their grandchild's first year highlights with fondness whenever they walk past. 

Mount up on the wall or lean up on a shelf, either way this sweet shimmering photo plate will take pride of place and stand out as the precious collection of memories that it is.

Coming as a simple sheet with holes for easy mounting, you can also add a wall mounting kit. Made from anodised aluminium, this kit of four posts allows you to hang your sheet easily with screw for a classy almost floating look, standing out from your wall.

And if you fall in love with it as much as we have here in the office, why not come back next year to celebrate baby's second year on this earth?


A3 (29.7 x 42.0cm) aluminium sheet

Posts - 13mm diameter x 19mm deep, anodised aluminium


After ordering please send your photographs (cropped square and numbered 1-12, unless you are happy with a random order) to hello@studiohop.co.uk, quoting your order number in the email header.

Buying for another to add their own photos? Simply tell us at checkout and we will send you a gift voucher for your lucky recipient instead!