Ombre Colour Shade Gradient Woven Scarf



Cosy up on those cooler days and add a little colour and contrast to any outfit with this beautiful scarf, a bold and stylish piece for any wardrobe.

Bold and slightly softened horizontal stripes decorate this scarf, travelling from colour to colour to create a beautiful effect.

Perfect as a transitional piece for those cooler days, this scarf is big enough to wrap around your shoulders for added warmth like a shawl, but softly draping so perfect for wrapping around your neck.

Add personalised embroidery in the shape of symbols to this scarf, each designed with a meaning - the 'bee happy' bee, a clover for luck, a heart for love and a crescent moon representing female power.

Symbol codes for personalisation are as follows;

B - bee, C - clover, H - heart, M - moon

And if you fancy, why not add a gift box from our selection? Great for getting delivered direct to your loved ones if you can't be there in person.

Made From:

Brushed acrylic


210cm x 90cm