Tarot Card Gold Necklace



Wish Fortune or Strength upon a loved one, give them The World, or let them know they are bright like The Sun with this Tarot Card Necklace collection!

For when you want to carry a little power with you everyday, these tarot card necklaces have you covered.

The Sun brings happiness and joy with you every day, whilst The Moon helps guide you to your subconscious dreams and goals. The Star can surprise you with fresh inspiration and renewed hope, whilst The World can carry you through leaps into new phases and stages of life. And while Fortune can bring you luck, Strength can give support through times where luck is low, through injury and recovery. 

With its variety of options, this necklace collection is here to take you through whatever life throws your way. 

These elegant charms are gold plated with black detailing to bring out the delicate designs, making for lovely everyday pieces that you can carry with you when you need the boost of each one, tucked under your shirt or out on display. 

Each tarot card comes to you in a soft fabric pouch, but if you'd like to gift these to a loved one you can opt to add both a gift box, and the themed tarot gift card. Each has a design to match the tarot card you choose, and if you wish you can change the wording underneath to your own message instead.

Made From:

Gold plated Brass


Adjustable 18" chain