Embroidered Floral Lace Cotton Chiffon Scarf



A lightweight summer scarf made of mesh and floral embroidery, in a vibrant coral-peach that's sure to add a pop of colour to any warmer weather outfit.

This scarf features a central column of translucent mesh with a wash-dye finish, embroidered all over with elegant florals that swirl their way up the scarf.

Along one edge of this central column is a tassel like finish of floral motifs, adding movement and interest to the outfit.

And then this scarf is finished off with layered translucent fabric, creating an ethereal, vibrant final scarf that's great to wear with any summer dress, whether in the day or the evening.

Looking for a gift for a loved one? Make it extra special by having this scarf wrapped for you in one of our bespoke gift boxes, sure to suitably impress and delight! 

Made from: 

Acrylic, cotton and polyester blend

Cool wash only


Triangle - 160cm x 30cm