For your treasured locations and precious pet portraits, we’re excited to show you our new favourite technique – using a little photo editing magic to elevate a simple photograph into a stunning watercolour. Although the technique itself is a little bit of a Studio Hop secret, we think the results speak volumes! Here’s a sneak peek at taking a sweet cat photo and transforming it into a magical watercolour splash style print.


Whether you fancy using a photograph of your pup, or an image of your first home, our creative team can transform your photograph into a watercolour print, ready to be displayed proudly on your wall at home. It doesn’t matter if your pet photo has a messy background either, as we can focus just on the furry one and ignore the rest!

our first home watercolour print

For those looking for something slightly different, we’ve discovered that this technique can go beyond photographs – here we’ve combined multiple hand drawn flowers into a single family bouquet. Each member of the family is represented by their birth flower, named around the bouquet beside their respective blossom.

If you want something to commemorate moving into a new home, this technique works no matter your house style – from a full home photo to a fancy front door, it creates a commemorative, one of a kind piece for you. We’ve even used it for wedding venues and street scenes, so no matter the place you’re remembering, we can make it look beautiful in watercolour style.

This technique also combines with another exciting new addition to our lineup – tea towels! For those who fancy adding something practical to their home, or for having a handy housewarming gift, these are a great option for those looking to add some personal touches to their home.

watercolour printed on tea towel to commemorate a special occassion

Every time you order one of these watercolour prints, we absolutely love seeing how we can take your photograph to another level. But the final touch of fun? Watching the printer take it from the screen and into real life – the last step before we pack and send it onward to you!

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