Embroidery And Lace Triangular Scarf



A dual-style scarf made with one section of sturdy, wash-dyed cotton and another of lightweight mesh, this beautiful lace-edged triangular scarf is a lovely addition to your wardrobe.

The triangular design of this scarf features two distinct sections. The main scarf is made of a beautifully gradient dyed cotton, embroidered with delicately swirling branches and flowers in brown thread.

Then, the tip of the scarf transforms into a lightweight, deep blue mesh, decorated with stitched florals. The two shorter edges feature leaf shaped tassels, dyed 

The triangular design of this scarf features a main section made of wash dyed cotton, embroidered all over with delicately swirling brown branches and flowers. 

Finished with leaf shaped tassels, this scarf is a great way of adding a pop of colour to any outfit, whether you wear it draped across your shoulders as a shawl, or wrap it around your neck for some extra warmth. 

Made from: 

Acrylic, cotton and polyester blend

Cool wash only


Triangle - 160cm across, 60cm from edge to point