The Evolution of Mothers Day

Traditionally, it was a day for Christians to visit their 'mother church'. Servants were given the day off of work to return to their hometown and worship with their families. Luckily nowadays it’s just a Sunday visit, call or sending of a gift to your mum or mother figure (although we’re sure they wouldn’t mind you acting as a servant for the day). It’s become more secular and a time for people thank their mums for, well putting up with you!

In the past when the servants had returned home, young people would pick wild flowers to place in the church, or to give to their mums. This is why we often give flowers - thank goodness for the petrol station on the way for selling them!

No mum is the same, from the yogi-mums, book worms to gardeners. So this is why we have created personalised items tailored just for her.  At Studio Hop, we have gift ideas that are already fashionable and add a personalised twist to make them just that extra special and unique (and to put your siblings to shame).

Just in time for mothers day, Studio Hop added a brand new embroidery machine to the studio (caused quite the excitement!). The embroidery machine creates beautiful personalised messages, names and initials on the scarf of your choice. With various colours of thread and 2 font types, we think it is a unique way to personalise your chosen item.

There are three other personalisation options we give as well; dye-sublimation, glitter foil and silver foil. Dye-sublimation is a really special way to personalise a gift, dye-sublimation uses heat to transfer dye onto the fabric thus making it part of the scarf itself. We use fonts and colours to harmonise with the rest of the scarf making it look one. The two different foil prints again can be chosen to compliment the chosen scarf, a lot of our scarves have silver patterns so the silver foil is a perfect fit. And the glitter foil is something a bit more fun and eye-catching.

Scarves are not the only personalised gifts (or gift for that matter!) that your mum would love this mothers day. Our socks and jewellery (we have a brand new beautiful spring collection) are a lovely idea to give to your loved one. Many of which you can personalise the gift box pouch.

From gem stone embellished cotton socks to rose gold necklaces, we like to think we’ve got mothers day covered!

Although mothers day has moved away from it’s traditional religious meaning, the day is still prominent every year and is mostly just a day to show our mum's - or mother figures in our life - that we appreciate them. We wish all the mums, aunties, grandmas and loved ones a very happy Mothers Day and are treated to something special!