The Embroidery Machine

Every 15 or so minutes in the Studio Hop studio a chime like tune plays. This would be the sound of another successfully embroidered scarf (and maybe time for another coffee).

800 stitches per minute just wove into the chosen scarf, creating a one of a kind personalised item.

Over the past few years the popularity of personalised gifts has risen. With the help of designer brands such as Burberry and Longchamp, consumers have gone mad for their initials/name stitched/etched/printed on just about anything. From personalised Coke bottles, Nutella jars, mugs, phone cases and lucky for us scarfs. Harrods monograming service - has even now become a “Christmas event”!

With the success of our dye-sublimation and foil print personalised items, we felt it was time to add a new option. Enter the embroidery machine.

Embroidery and Personalisation

Embroidery sewing machines can add beauty and themed detail to anything you sew. In our case, we add a name, initials or even a short message to scarves. The machine very cleverly converts a design image into an embroidery. Special software is then used to create plotting commands for the embroidery machine. It’s all very technical. So when you place and order a personalised scarf with the initials AB, for example, we enter this into the machines computer with the font type and size and the machine gets to work!

Before today's modern machines, most machine embroidery was completed by punching designs on a paper tape that then ran through an embroidery machine and could take up to one day to complete. One error could ruin an entire design, forcing the creator to start over. Luckily our fancy little machine can complete your personalisation in under 5 minutes (this proved lucky when we had our Mother's Day rush!).

The embroidery option has been a very popular gift idea and we've had some amazing feedback. 

Check out our scarves and shawl page to see examples of the embroidery machines skills.