• Finishing Touches - Felting & Stitching

    Introducing Studio Hop's new personalisation techniques for chunky scarves - hand felting, and hand stitching, ready to add that special touch to your order. View Post
  • Gabriel's Wharf

    Location location location is all we can say about our brand new store in Gabriel’s Wharf. We are so lucky to have found this great spot right on South Bank.  Our shop sits just steps from the Thames where great views of London’s evolving skyline can be enjoyed. Our store comprises of 2 units, m... View Post
  • Studio Hop: Arisen like a Phoenix from the flames!

    FIRE!  After 10 years of trading peacefully and happily from Camden Lock’s famous Upper Market Hall we had rather a shock when arriving at work on July 12th 2017... View Post
  • Studio Hop – Brockley Born & Bred

    Studio Hop: based in sunny Brockley, South East London.  Take a look at our lovely new "architect designed" studio space and find out about our local hang outs too. View Post
  • Brand-Spanking New Studio Hop Website

    We’re very, very pleased to introduce you to our new Studio Hop website.

    It’s been a little time in production, as all good things take time, but we’ve got there in the end.

    View Post

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Welcome to the Studio Hop blog where you will find out what we have been up to lately, read our latest news and find out what new products are heading our way.