Studio Hop – Brockley Born & Bred

Studio Hop is based in sunny Brockley.

“Where?” We hear you cry! Well, the phrase ‘hidden-gem’ is bandied about willy-nilly these days but in the case of Brockley it feels just about justified.

Tucked away in a leafy corner of South-East London, Brockley is home to the one and only Rivoli Ballroom, the best coffee shop we’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting as well as some seriously good dinner options.

We’re to be found in Dragonfly Place, a small mixed development home to both residential and commercial spaces. We’re near to a cake maker, a baker and there’s definitely space here for a candle-stick maker.

Here’s our office below - this is where we spend our days designing, personalising, and styling.

If you’re ever in the area please pop by and say hello as we love stopping for tea-breaks and chats!








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