Finishing Touches - Felting & Stitching

With cold weather come our luxuriously cosy chunky scarves. These scarves come in a variety of styles, colours and levels of fluffiness, all absolutely perfect for wrapping up in, no matter your style or colour preferences.

But for so long these were unpersonalised, not suited to the foil, sublimation or even machine embroidery techniques we love to use to add that special touch to scarves. But no more! We now have two perfect techniques - hand felting, and hand stitching - personalised with love by Studio Hop.

Hand Stitching is, as it sounds, the act of stitching through the scarf with a thick thread to create a sweet, rustic look. Depending on the scarf we use a variety of colours, always aiming to complement the look. Perfect as a gift from kids to an older relative, this style has a youthful and hand-finished feel, which works perfectly with the more minimalist look of our chunky knit scarves. 

Hand felting however is our little more unknown secret technique - involving a specially designed tool and a little patience, this one is rather popular with our staff! This technique creates a secure, professional and yet still hand done look to a chunky scarf, that fits in perfectly. Same as the hand stitching we choose our felting colours based on the scarf, though we always love dreaming up new colour combinations for the future - mustard scarves with electric blue initials anybody?

Despite only having two new techniques, we actually have three new effects - take a look at our popular Brushed Check Blanket Scarves, where we felt from the back for a completely different effect. These scarves, with that added touch of a personalised initial are the perfect gift for somebody looking for a more versatile, classic scarf.

With the weather constantly fluctuating between sun and snow there’s still plenty of wearability in a fluffy scarf, or just to stock up ready for next Winter! So why not take a look at our Winter scarves and see for yourself how these two techniques add to the look, and can be just right to add a personalised touch to your gifts.