Taking Steps for Our Planet

Our planet is an amazing place, and here at Studio Hop we want to keep it that way! With environmental issues becoming an increasing concern for us all, we are striving to ensure we offer you the option of more sustainable, environmentally conscious products, eco-friendly all the way from source to your door.


Eco Scarves

We are excited to introduce what we hope are the first of many - beautifully printed scarves on 100% recycled PET fabric. This beautifully soft and lightweight fabric helps keep up to 10 plastic bottles out of landfill, so next time you pop a bottle in the recycling, it may end up being a scarf! 

These scarves use 70% less energy and 80% less water compared to new fabric, so you can buy knowing you've not only got a beautiful gift but also prevented landfill and the use of fossil fuels.

Our first of these scarves is our Eco Birth Flower Scarf, designed in-house with stunning flowers all hand drawn by our design team. With each month featuring four unique flowers, and all with separate colour combinations, these scarves are beautiful statement pieces for Mother's Day and birthdays. 

To make things even more special, we created elegant translucent gift cards to add to these scarves - with fun details about the meaning behind the birth flower, and finished with a name.

With personalisation, gift boxes and gift cards, you can treat your mum this Mother's Day, whether she knows her birth flower or not (maybe she will soon!)


And for a rather different look, we also have our Eco Geometric Print Scarf

This scarf is made from the same beautifully draping fabric, in a bold colour block geometric style, perfect for Spring and available to be personalised with your own choice of initials or even a message. 


To let you know the details about the scarf and its environmentally friendly credentials each recycled scarf comes complete with a little eco fact card. Gift this with your scarf and let your loved one know that they're being given a gift that helps protect the planet.


Scarves may be the centre of Studio Hop, but every single scarf we ship to you has to be packed and protected somehow.

We are currently trialling a more environmentally friendly variation of our bubble mailers, and if you buy a scarf in a larger gift box you'll find it arrives packed in a recycled cardboard protector. With bio-plastic alternatives being a flourishing market, we are excited to keep moving towards a more conscious packing process - and make it easier for you to dispose of or recycle once it arrives!


What's Next...?

We are currently also working on developing a range of biodegradable fabrics, made from sustainably farmed tree fibres.

This innovative fabric starts with ensuring that a tree is planted for every tree removed, maintaining the balance. It is 100% biodegradable once worn, so can be put into the compost bin at the end of its hopefully long life - a circular economy as they can then decompose back into nutritional soil for more plants to grow in.

We have made sure to choose fabrics that ensure closed loop processing, so the production is environmentally responsible and every component of the fibre production reused. This means recycling all water used in the process, avoiding pollution and waste.

We believe that heading towards more environmentally conscious design is the way to go, so are hoping to over time adapt our products and company to be more so.

With time we hope to start creating more conscious options for you, from recycled purses to biodegradable shawls, so that you have the choice to treat yourself and others without it costing the earth.