Studio Hop: Arisen like a Phoenix from the flames!

After 10 years of trading peacefully and happily from Camden Lock’s famous Upper Market Hall we had rather a shock arriving at work July 12th 2017. Our "flagship" retail outlet had been one of the many victims of an extensive overnight fire.

Our lovely open plan store just a few weeks before disaster struck:

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Before and after the fire (see our shop windows in the distance):Before and after the fire. Camden Market Hall 2017

Can you spot the difference?!

Now, after something as devastating as this fire, it would have been very easy for us to mope around all day wallowing in self pity. And so we did! (but only for a little while). And, after we finished feeling sorry for ourselves, we decided to build our shop once again - this time hopefully bigger and better than before.

So, after a lot of hard work and the not-so-occasional tantrum we opened once again amid great fan-fare on Saturday 19th August. As our new space is slightly larger than before we’re pleased and proud to announce that we’re now able to offer personalised scarves in-store rather than exclusively online. We’ve created our own little ‘personalisation station’ in-store that’s just the ticket. So for those of you who like the idea of trying before you buy and personalise, why not head over to our new Camden shop and say hello!