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All New – Laser Engraving

At Studio Hop we love experimenting with new ways of personalising gifts for you and your loved ones, creating long lasting presents for every occasion. When it comes to our ever popular scarves we have all manner of options – dye sublimation, foil finishes, embroidery, even hand felting. Not to mention our ever expanding range of photo gifts, complete with your own images. But what about if you want personalised jewellery? Introducing our new toy – a laser engraver With the ability to engrave almost any metal with precision, this engraver has... Read More

The Embroidery Machine

Every 15 or so minutes in the Studio Hop studio a chime like tune plays. This would be the sound of another successfully embroidered scarf (and maybe time for another coffee). 800 stitches per minute just wove into the chosen scarf, creating a one of a kind personalised item. Over the past few years the popularity of personalised gifts has risen. With the help of designer brands such as Burberry and Longchamp, consumers have gone mad for their initials/name stitched/etched/printed on just about anything. From personalised Coke bottles, Nutella jars,... Read More